Cleanse Your Liver and Lower Your Cholesterol

Milk thistle—tea, tablet, or extract—will do the job.
Who knew?

Milk Thistle Herb 
Milk Thistle is a member of the large Daisy family and is native to the Mediterranean region and has traditionally been used to treat chronic liver disease; however, the medicinal uses of Milk Thistle are expanding with new research.

The Milk Thistle plant has a tall erect stem and large thorny leaves with white veins and produces a single flower with tubular florets that are generally pink to purple in color but can also be white.

Milk Thistle is thought to have derived its name from the tale of the milk of a virgin dropping onto the plant and thus producing the milk white veins associated with Milk Thistle.

The active chemical in Milk Thistle is only extracted in alcohol and is not easy to grow or use in the home. Milk Thistle is readily available in tincture, extract and capsule form.

Milk Thistle Tea

Herbal Tea Recipe
A tea can be prepared from Milk Thistle extract and is done so by adding about 2 dropper-fulls in 8 ounces of near boiling water.

Milk Thistle Uses & Herbal Remedies - Milk Thistle Tea Benefits
Milk Thistle is often used to treat liver disorders and disease including hepatitis and has been effective in treating gall bladder disorders. It is a well known herbal detox for those suffering from a damaged liver.

Milk Thistle is thought to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce insulin resistance and the growth of cancer cells in the breast, cervical tissue and prostate.

Milk Thistle is thought to be a gentle and mild laxative.

Milk Thistle Cautions
Use caution if you are allergic to anything in the Daisy family including Ragweed.

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